Wellness Kinesiology Training Courses

Deal with Stress offers Kinesiology Federation approved training in Wellness Kinesiology. Levels 1 – 3 must be completed in order before moving on to Levels 4 – 6.

Success over Distress

Level 1 – Success over Distress

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn about relieving their negative stresses, managing their stress or that of family and friends. It is an informative, practical, and … Read more

Defusing Stuck Emotions

Level 2 – Energy Centres and Defusing Stuck Emotions

In this course we use muscle testing to find emotions from the Touch for Health meridian model which can be stuck in the body’s energy system. We test for “stuck … Read more

Working with emotions

Level 3 – Working With Emotions

In this course we learn the reflex points related to the 12 meridians from Touch for Health and the 8 extra meridians also used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Techniques … Read more

The remaining levels can be taken in any order after completion of Levels 1 – 3

Eight Extra Meridians

Level 4 – Eight Extra Meridians

In the Eight Extra Meridians course Wellness Kinesiology students learn where the meridian pathways are, how to correct the 8 extra meridian imbalances using spinal reflexes, neuro vascular points, neuro … Read more

Biokinetic Exercises

Level 5 – Biokinetic Exercises

Biokinetic Exercises – Wellness Kinesiology 2 day training course. Also open to anyone who has completed Touch for Health Level 2 or above.