Wellness Kinesiology

Wellness Kinesiology was developed by Dr. Wayne Topping, a former geology professor from New Zealand. During the past 22 years he has added to the programme, which works extensively with negative stress issues. Wellness Kinesiology’s roots are from the Biokinesiology Institute and Touch for Health.

Stressful events either emotional or physical from anytime in the past, present or perceived in the future, can prevent you from a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation or achieving your goals.

This can affect your subconscious, which in turn can affect how you think, react and feel. Wellness Kinesiology works extensively with the negative emotions, which have become stuck in the body, for example anger, guilt, grief or regret, the list is endless.

Using the meridian energy system we work on these stresses using a variety of possible corrections which can include tapping on a meridian, holding points on the body and making positive statements.

Wellness Kinesiology is deep, profound and fascinating. Deal with Stress uses Wellness Kinesiology as part of your unique, personalised treatment to move you forward towards Wellness.

All clients are advised to consult their doctor or health professional if they are experiencing any medical symptoms. If you would like to find out more about Wellness Kinesiology please contact Irene Lock.