Touch For Health – Level 1

Touch for Health Level 1

Anyone can come and have some fun taking part in this Touch for Health Level 1 interactive training course, learning by doing and receiving, meeting new friends and finding out about yourself.

Level 1 introduces you to the basics of Touch For Health (TFH). A course suitable for both the public to start learning and therapists who may wish to add to their tool box.

Some of the techniques you will learn are as follows:

  • An understanding of the Chinese energy model using the meridian system
  • The art of muscle testing/monitoring
  • Evaluate energy imbalances using the 14 meridians
  • Correct the energy imbalances using a range of techniques
  • Release present emotional stress
  • Understand the triangle of health
  • Auricular and visual energy corrections
  • Surrogate testing
  • Using a goal to enhance your energy corrections

Comments from previous students

I liked putting into practice what we had learned and seeing the amazing results

I enjoyed the practicality of the course, using the techniques