Level 2 – Energy Centres and Defusing Stuck Emotions

Defusing Stuck Emotions

In this course we use muscle testing to find emotions from the Touch for Health meridian model which can be stuck in the body’s energy system.

We test for “stuck emotions” such as fear, grief and anger, using the 5 elements from Touch for Health and how to defuse them, also by using the law of the 5 Elements; we expand the model to cover other such emotional states such as-

  • temper
  • rage
  • hostility
  • grief
  • embarrassment
  • mournfulness
  • loneliness
  • sadness

We also look at clients, who no matter how many therapists they visit, and a verbal willingness to change seem unable to progress and how we can support them.

Energy Centres is the name John Barton from the Biokinesiology institute gave to these points. In other modalities they are sometimes called Chakras, the Sanskrit word for a spinning wheel. In this course we learn what and where they are and how to identify them.

We learn how they can effect loss of wellbeing, how to balance the Energy Centres using –

  • affirmations
  • foot reflexes
  • acupressure points
  • head massage
  • auricular reflexes

The pre-requirement for this course is Success over Distress, Touch for Health Level 1 and preferably Level 2.