Level 1 – Success over Distress

Success over Distress

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn about relieving their negative stresses, managing their stress or that of family and friends. It is an informative, practical, and hands on stress management training course.

What you will learn: –

  • How stress affects health and the physical and psychological effects of stress.
  • Techniques to effectively release the effects of stress.
  • Ways to ease performance anxiety e.g. before a speech, audition, presentation, or examination.
  • How to muscle test to access and relieve the stressful memories associated with a particular event.
  • How to test for and release blocks to help you successfully change your life in a way that is appropriate for you.
  • Stress management information and stress prevention
  • Why we procrastinate – help yourself and others end procrastination
  • How to ensure that desired change is appropriate
  • How to find and eliminate blocks to achieving your goals
  • Managing time skilfully and much more

This is a comprehensive stress management training course suitable for all. It can be also used as an introduction to the benefits of Kinesiology, the first rung of the Wellness Kinesiology training route, as continued professional development for members of the Kinesiology Federation or just to add new tools to your kinesiology tool box.

To find out more about managing stress for yourself by taking part in this life changing, informative course, please look on the course dates page and you can contact me for more information or if you have decided to take the course you can book hereIf you have a particular stress-based issue please contact me to make an appointment or to find out where you can get more information.

There is no pre-requirement for this course; it is open to all who can read, want to learn about stress relief  for themselves and are willing to have a go.

This course can also be taught at work as a workplace stress management training personalised for your workplace.

To have Deal with Stress personalise your own course please email Irene Lock – minimum number of participants 6, maximum 12.